Starting to enjoy the empty vastness; it’s good, wild and hard and stiff and careful walking before you can rest and feel the sweat cool softly with the wind along your back and inside your hair; but always, as it goes up and when the ground is pleasantly level and after that hard on your knees when it breaks and sneaks down, still pretty to look on and welcoming.

I don’t really write about music too often. I tend to write more from, but hardly of music. And when I do, I try not to do too much and that is because one has to be careful or all that they have will spill out too soon and when it is not yet time. There are some very good and special and lovely songs out there and they do all that is harmonious and splendid and quick and simple and it is like there is a sweet wind flying through your mind and as though you do not need to think and feel about what the world has to trouble you with. That is what good trance is all about. And sometimes when you find that good piece of trance, you have to take it with you, keep it damn close and tight and tighter than you have hugged those you love so much. Then you will have made good ground and especially so if you can not see the distinction from where one affection ends and the next begins. Now, this feels with closeness and with that good and old and unshakeable, imperishable kind of deep smelling, kissing and lying warmth, and it is void of nastiness and of any bad and awful weather, which can leave you split and bruised when you dream. This is none of that.
And so that it is why it is very dear and good.

Because it is none of that.

And because it is none of that, it is everything but that.

I wrote this to the Original mix of Oklahoma Town, and I do not mind if too much has spilled too soon. It was good, honest writing and I am the clearer for it. I am also happier, but I am not sure if that is from what I am listening to or from what I am writing. I believe now I will write about music a little more often. I have nothing to gain from the other.

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